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Hey it’s Victory Akpos here again with the Alterzon team and now you can finally start building and growing profitable affiliate stores.

But, do you have a solid strategy to start getting the traffic to the stores in the first place?

Yes, Alterzon is going to help a ton by giving a great customer experience, but most affilaite sites and stores are struggling to get initial traffic at all and chances are great your stores could stand to get more reliable, scalable traffic too, right?

So, Whats the FASTEST Way to Get Affordable Traffic to Your New Site?

Well, common sense tells you the best place to leverage traffic is social media sites, particular Facebook with over 3 billion users.

In fact, our students have been using a new app, AlterSynd to make $250-$3000 PER DAY as this is working RIGHT NOW:

Just check out the engagement from their review videos and posts:

As I said, it seems like common sense to quickly post your products image or review video to Facebook and start to get free traffic...

but, of course if it were that easy everyone would be doing affiliate marketing full time.

Have you ever heard of a famous saying written by a thirsty sailor...

“Water, water everywhere - and not a drop to drink in sight?”

Well social media traffic is a bit like this, too. There’s an almost limitless supply of traffic available from the big social networks.

However, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to tap into and here’s why:

Big Issue #1
NO ONE Is Seeing YOUR Links Buried Under Your Images And Videos!

When you post links to your images and videos in the comments of your social media posts (and often, you have no other choice) it defeats the purpose of creating the posts in the first place.

People gotta click your links to see your offers.

Sure, people might “like” your images and videos, and a few might even “share” . . . but do they click the links to your offers and squeeze pages buried in the comments on a consistent basis?

We didn’t think so. Which Brings Us To..

Point #2
Social Media Networks Are BLOCKING Your Affiliate Links

Have you tried posting any links from affiliate networks like JVZoo lately?

Well, good luck to you if you even try to post an affiliate link on a social network.

Social networks such as Facebook routinely block affiliate links. You’ll just get an error message if you try to post one. Social media is like a ‘no fly zone’ for affiliates.

Even if you DO manage to post an affiliate link, you might NEVER know whether or not your links are dead. Only the people trying to click on them will get that dreaded message saying the link doesn't work.

So if you had hoped on cashing in as an affiliate marketer on the enormous social traffic out there, you’re out in the cold.

We Were Sick Of The Problems With Social Media
Traffic… So We Came Up with a Solution

It turned out the answer to generating viral traffic from Facebook was so close and so in tune with what we already knew to be true as marketers. . .

When You Limit Access To Anything It Makes People Want It MORE

Have you ever experienced any scenarios like these?

Bought your child a DVD because it’s “going back in the vault”?

Topped up your gas tank, because the price of fuel is supposed to rise over the weekend?

Purchased something you hadn’t planned on - because the salesman offered 10% off the final price if you signed up on the spot?

Watched sales shoot up by the second on a t.v. shopping channel as a countdown timer ticks down the final minutes left in a listing?

If you’ve experienced anything similar to
these examples, you’ve experienced the
power of scarcity in action.

People who can’t be bothered when an item is plentiful spare no cost and effort to grab it if the same item suddenly becomes in short supply.

So we began to brainstorm how we could incorporate scarcity into our social media image and videos. . .so we could drive thundering waves of viral traffic and add red hot leads to our lists whenever we wanted.

And the best way to do this was to create a web-based app we could access from anywhere, with all kinds of tasty features to create the scarcity which gets people to act fast.

It would allow social media visitors to get a sample of our content in order to make them crave even more.

However, in order to “take a bite,” and consume an entire video, they’d have to click a CTA, or opt-in to our lists, depending on our goals. This scarcity would create a snowball effect. . .

When a visitor watched a viral vidoe we found from Vimeo, they'd have to opt-in to watch the end for example, then when they shared it on social media their friends would also need to opt-in as well growing our list virally.

Soon a ripple effect would spread out on social media.

More and more people would be sharing our videos or subscribing to our lists to get access... leading to raging viral traffic spreading like wildfire to our websites.

After months in development we were stoked to put our traffic churning app to the test. And our results were even BETTER than we’d hoped for.



A point and click cloud-based application for generating massive social traffic while building your list fast. This easy-to-use app is the perfect solution for any marketer who wants to cash in on viral traffic from highly engaging, social media images and videos.

Watch the demo video below to see it action:

With features like...

Post CLICKABLE images to Facebook, Twitter & Google+ directly from Altersyd - stop leaking leads and sales when your profile visitors fail to notice your offers. (All other images when clicked don’t redirect to your link)

Altersynd’s clickable images redirect visitors to any website of your choosing… including links to affiliate offers often blocked by social media platforms. The results? Tons of affilaite sales.

Create dynamic videos with unique headlines descriptions and fully customizable calls-to-action buttons to send your clickthrough rates through the roof… require your audience to optin to watch any viral video from Vimeo in your niche to build a list to remarket to over & over.

Schedule calls-to-action buttons to appear at a point in your video when viewers will be most recepetive to sharing or subscribing to your list.

Video poster creates enormous buzz with 5 different interaction options - choose form opt-in-gate, share gate, timed opt-in gate, timed share gate and call-to-action.

AlterSynds slick dynamic video options make it almost child’s play to get visitors to share your videos and subscribe to your list

Full API integration with popular autoresponders like SendLane, Aweber, Active Campaign, and more. Your leads are directly added to your list without any tedious export and uploading required.

Detailed image and video analytics included - optimize your campaigns quickly with the in-depth analytics module baked into the AlterSynd dashboard. Copy & pasting your most successful campaigns to dominate new niches and markets has never been easier!

1 Click Syndication - Not only can you 1-click share clickable viral images to Facebook, but also post to Twitter, Pintrest, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

And more than that!

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We know you’ve just read through a lot of information about Altersynd. And you may think it’s a great solution for your business...

Yet maybe you’re still a little hesitant...

We get it.

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Simply try out Altersynd over the next 30 days, and put it to the test.

If you’re not 100% happy, if you’re still not convinced that it delivers everything we say. . .

If you don’t see a sizeable uptick in your traffic and conversions after creating some campaigns with it. . . then . . .

We’d would be too embarrassed to keep your money.

Either you’re 100% happy or we’re not 100% happy. If at any time over the next 30 days, Altersynd fails in any way to meet your expectations, simply contact our support desk for a prompt, hassle-free, 100% refund of your investment today.

We can’t be any more fair than this. You have ZERO risk investing in Altersyd - it’s that simple.

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