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Hands-Off Email Delivery With Our
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100% Cloud Based, Nothing to Download, Install & No Hosting Fees

Guaranteed MASSIVE Profits With Newbie
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NO Expensive Autoresponder Required - NO Landing Page Required - NO Technical Skills Required - NO Copywriting Skills Required & NO INVESTMENT IS EVER REQUIRED! 

Just $28

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Want to know why your conversions, sales and profits are consistently dropping?

Because your audience has become smarter…and most of them are giving you FAKE/SECONDARY Email Addresses. So, when you send your offers to these so-called “HOT LEADS”…

NOBODY sees your offers.

But Good News is…You ONLY need 2 things to fix this and get your business back on track…on the way to the top of the success ladder:

1. You get REAL Leads…and I mean REAL Email Addresses that your customers use on a daily basis. And oh please…don’t beg your customers to hand out (type-it-out for you) their REAL Email Addresses to you. (Expert Tip: Just source them from right inside Facebook in just 1-Click – I’ll show you in a minute how…)

2. Use the right strategy to sell them those offer…I mean the right words to say to make them BUY from you (Giving you that too on a platter in a minute)

See How Easy It Is...

Look at our Beta- Users

Want to see MORE??
This is Straight from Our Private Facebook Group

Hey Fellow - “Me…5 Years Ago” Marketer,

Victory Akpos

I have been where you are…and I promise that by the end of this page, you’d be ready to be where I am today (Yours’ truly is a 7-Figure Marketer)…ONLY much faster than I got here.

Just like you might be doing ever since you’ve started thinking about cashing in on this “Online Selling Revolution”… I, too, checked out several software when I started out 5 years ago…

Some promised me ‘Hot Leads On A Platter’…

…while others promised me “Exclusive 1-on-1 Training” to become a super-affiliate…in just 2 days after going through just 8 modules (again compiled using Google search).

In Last 3 Years and I have tried everything under the sun and beyond - TO GENERATE LEADS!!

Search Engine

Pay Per Click


Online Marketing

White Papers
or e-Books



Answering questions
on Quora

Posting ‘Funny’ Memes
on Social Media

I did manage to get a few leads. Goes without saying…most were Fake/Secondary email addresses.

But then I hit the next BIG roadblock…

Simple and Most Effective Way to Engage Leads - EMAIL Them!

Ask any marketer, and he’d take such odds any day of the week happily and twice on Sunday. But to get such rates for your campaign…is not easy.

You have to have a POWERFUL Subject Line. Then your offer has to be good. And most importantly…your mail has to be spot on…striking the right chord for your audience.

That’s easier said than done. You need to be an expert copywriter (or hire one if you got that kind of money to spare) to be able to write Emails That Convert.

In my journey over the next 3 years, I did everything I could from reading books after books…not just on Marketing, rather also on Advertising, Human Psychology and anything that influences consumer behaviour….

…to attending countless training sessions by some top-class and some ‘not-so-good’ copywriters….

…all the way to writing emails after emails and sending them out to my not so great list…only to end up losing those leads when they ‘Unsubscribed’. 

…heck, I even binge-watched Madmen on Netflix coz someone told me it could teach me a thing or two about advertising (and of course, who doesn’t want to be like Don Draper?)

There’s None.
It Dosen’t Exist. Period!!

Anyone trying to sell you that is taking you for a ride. You get better at writing emails ONLY after years of reading and writing. There is no other way.

That’s #1 reason why most marketers don’t see success even after buying tools that get them leads.

So, yeah…it took me 3 years of the grind to get where I am today.

If you start today…and can hang-on till 2021…I assure you, you’ll taste success.

But that’s not what you’re here for today…right? – To taste success 3 years from now?

Who knows what would happen in 3 years’ time? What would work and what won’t…

It has to be: NOW. HERE. TODAY

You’re in a hurry…I can understand, but unfortunately the process or the path to success remains the same as I mentioned here above.

But what if…

There’s a system that gets you REAL Leads on a platter? I am talking about Facebook verified leads.

And not just that… A system that even tells you what offers you should promote to these leads in order to make MASSIVE profits.

Wait…it doesn’t get better than this…

A system that also sends out PERFECTLY written mails to these leads for you on 24x7…and helps you make money while you sleep, eat, drink and enjoy your life with your family & friends?

OK…I might be beginning to sound like the guy who gave me the ridiculous advice about sending 100 emails and making 12 sales in the process…

But the truth is…such a system is a reality NOW.

I, in partnership with ACE software developer Yogesh Aggarwal, am proud to introduce you to:


Revolutionary 1-Click FB Lead Generation
And Marketing Automation System

Let Me Quickly Show You How to Create Lead Sucking Campaign &
Enable Workflow Which Runs 24X7 to Engage & Make Money For You

Here is What we Achieved with Just 10 Mins of Work:

…And Here Are Some
Top-Marketers In The IM Space Have To Say
About Leads Profiter

Get Ready To See
BIG FAT PayPal Balance
Every Single Day From Here On...
Here’s How:

Let me reveal the secret weapon that will help you crush every offer and guarantee BIG FAT PayPal balance at the end of every day.

The moment a lead gets added to any of the lists that you have created…this lead will be hit with carefully crafted and pre-written set of emails.

Theses Emails are designed to Welcome every lead, to help you hit it off with them on the right note right from the word ‘Go’. The following emails are designed to convert every lead into a paying customer and join your fan club.

The time and frequency of these emails are decided by you. Consistency is the key here. Remember your audience are a part of many lists owned by many different marketers. They will buy ONLY from the ones that are in constant touch with them.

Now, you can’t possibly send out mails to each one of them every day…I mean you could, but then I am guessing you do have a life to live – isn’t it?

With Leads Profiter, just insert the affiliate link of the offer you want to promote (I am going to help you shortlist those too), sit back and watch the money roll in…while you do things that make you happy (Drink a beer and watch a game, play with your kids, take your wife shopping…take your pick).

Yes, my entire team and I just became your personal copywriter and VA. Our tasks are very clearly defined. In short, our primary task is to SHOW YOU THE MONEY by:

Looking for best offers that YOU should promote, that will help you make tons and tons of money month after month.

Writing Emails for YOU for each of those offers…Emails that would welcome every lead that gets added to any of your lists, warm them up so that they are ready to buy from you, sell them the best offers that have converted for me really well in the last 30 days and nurture them for future offers.

And here comes the best part…you don’t have to pay US a penny. Yup…that’s for REAL.

Create Unlimited Money Minting Campaigns

Create UNLIMITED lead generation campaigns. Capture red hot REAL leads directly from Facebook. No more Fake or Secondary email addresses.

It’s rightly said…The Money Is In The List. With LeadProfiter you can now create unlimited number of campaigns and collect leads at will. Remember, these are the same email addresses used by your audience to log in to their Facebook accounts…and rest assured, these are as REAL as they get.

Collect Unlimited Real Leads from Facebook

The leads you collect running all those campaigns can be saved as separate lists…as not every offer you are going to promote is suitable for every type of audience.

That is the key to success in online marketing. You have to know your audience and serve them what they are really looking for…LeadProfiter allows you to divide your list under as many heads as you’d like. Not all the 5k leads you are allowed to capture under this license are to be stored in 1 list.

Copy-Paste Our WINNING Emails and Skyrocket Your Earnings!

This is where LeadProfiter creates a league of its own. I bet you wouldn’t have seen anything like this in this market available.

Automation Workflow is a sequence of Emails that gets triggered as soon as a lead is added into a list. You can schedule emails like - Welcome Email, Email after X Days at XX.XX Hours. These emails can be set to go out at the time you choose…at whatever interval you choose over the next 30 days (after a new lead is added to the list).

5 DFY Tested & Proven to Convert Leads Into Profits Workflows

To be a success in this market, you have to be both…a copywriter and a marketer. A copywriter who doesn’t understand the market is no good…and a marketer who can’t point out the pain points of his customers will keep struggling.

I have spent the better part of my last 4 years mastering the art of copywriting…all the while understanding this ever-changing market. With LeadProfiter ‘YOU’ get to use all the hard work ‘I’ put in.

I’ll give you 5 of my best & highly converted email sequence that has raked over 5 figures of commissions for you to use and Convert Every Lead into Paying customer AGAIN and AGAIN

Automate Your Business on the GO!

Seamlessly connect LeadProfiter to your preferred autoresponder (GetResponse, Mailchimp, Aweber etc.) Not just that…we have enabled Zapier integration. Now send leads from LeadsProfiter to over 1000 apps with just a click of a button.

Create and Add Pre-Written Emails with Just 1 Click!

Want to use your Email templates in the Automation Workflow…fire away with LeadProfiter and add as many as you’d like. Every template that you create can be easily accessed while creating a campaign and added to the Automation Workflow sequence.

Stay in Total Control of Your Business with Automatic Reporting

Serious marketers understand the importance of ‘Reports’. This my sound boring to an inexperienced marketer…but ask and every seasoned marketer will tell you that this is HUGE.

LeadProfiter generates Weekly and Monthly reports on every campaign that you have running…allowing you to take effective control of your business.

Take Your Leads Wherever you Want!

Using a system that is not yet compatible with Leads Profiter? – No worries. Just 1-click and you can export all your leads to wherever you like. And oh yes…don’t forget to weed out the ‘Duplicates’ by again…just clicking 1 button.

Completely OWN Your LEADS

Hindsight can prove to be essential when it comes to marketing…and we allow room for that with LeadProfiter.

Want to add a 3rd party autoresponder ‘AFTER’ you have created a campaign? – Don’t worry, you won’t lose any leads in transport. Just 1-Click and all your leads will automatically sync to the autoresponder of your choice. Even when you decide to change the autoresponder you have been using...just 1-click and you can sync ALL your leads with the new one.


Are you throwing every offer at ALL your leads…hoping that enough would buy? If you’ve been doing that…let me tell you, your list will shrink faster than you can imagine.

LeadProfiter provides you with useful insights on each and every lead…so that you can literally tailor-make offers for them. This gives you a much greater chance to hit the bullseye and make a sale.

Save on Expensive Autoresponders

I know you haven’t seen this anywhere else…that’s the reason we have it here. Now add up to 10 SMTP profiles and send out mails using our in-built autoresponder. Get detailed analytics for every Email sent.  

Inbuilt JVZoo Marketplace

Spot high converting products to promote from JVzoo right inside your LeadProfiter dashboard. Apply to promote them with a single Click. Everything from just 1 easy-to-use dashboard. 

Commercial License

This small investment in LeadProfiter today will not only allow you rake in HUGE affiliate commissions, rather run promoting offers for your clients too and earn ‘EXTRA’ buck with the same amount of effort (if you can call making profits 24x7 for you that is…).

Normally you’d have to upgrade to LeadProfiter Pro to avail this feature…but today as a part of this special launch offer, I am offering you the Commercial License without upgrading.

Blown Away?

Grab A Copy Of Your 
Leads Profiter With Commercial License!

The Ugly Truth:
High Lead Acquisition Costs Spell Doom
For Most Online Businesses

Leads are everything. And businesses do everything to get them. Offer discounts, rewards, prizes, surprises…heck, even if a CEO were required to do back-flips to get new leads, he or she won’t shy away from doing that either.

This is the reason many business owners and marketers fall prey to freelancers and agencies ‘guaranteeing’ them leads for a not-so-small fee. Businesses agree…hoping to make returns quickly.

But the cookie crumbles in most cases.

The lead that they get is not worth a dime. And even if they are able to sell something to this lead…it’s mostly a one-time thing.

Businesses keep pouring in more money to get newer leads…and the same process continues over and over again. In the end…businesses run dry of both…money and leads.

LeadsProfiter changes that today.

The leads you are going to start generating today are ‘High-Quality’ Leads (real email addresses used by your customers to login to Facebook). And with the Automation Workflow Technology you’d be able to convert them over and over again.

The deep insights you are going to get from weekly and monthly reports of each campaign…combined with detailed analyses of every lead will provide you with all the information you need to succeed in today’s highly competitive online market.

As A Special Invitee To Get The First-Look
Of LeadProfiter And Claim
A Copy At A Super-Low Introductory Price Today…
You Also Stand A Sure Shot Chance To
Grab These Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus #1
Facebook Reviewer

Facebook Reviewer is designed to get you more reviews on your products and deals on your pages and increase user engagement. Once your fan writes a review for your product, it will be posted on his/her wall and thus spread to his/her friends; which will in turn will make it go viral. You can customize it fully, including the header image, content etc. Create and increase your brand awareness and collect contact information of your fans.

Bonus #2
FB Story Lead
Capture Machine

Contest and Promotions are best way to generate more leads and engage your fans. This FB Story Lead Capture Machine helps you capture user’s real Facebook email as we get Facebook Permissions before users can vote or enter into contest. Export the leads as CSV and use any email marketing software to promote your business / stay connected.

Bonus #3
FB Coupon Virality

Make your coupons go viral, just like the name suggests., by using all the cool and powerful social features of Facebook i.e. Like, Invite and Share. And that is not all…with FB Coupon Virality, you can create new mailing lists by collecting email addresses when providing users with various offers and promotions like handing out freebies like for example an eBook etc. You can also generate coupon for discounts and other such offers.

Bonus #4
FB Scraper Engine

Facebook Reviewer is designed to get you more reviews on your products and deals on your pages and increase user engagement. Once your fan writes a review for your product, it will be posted on his/her wall and thus spread to his/her friends; which will in turn will make it go viral. You can customize it fully, including the header image, content etc. Create and increase your brand awareness and collect contact information of your fans.

Bonus #5
FB Smart Tag

Instantly tag a picture on Facebook with a random selection of friends. Useful for viral marketing, as all the tagged friends get notifications about the tagged picture. Smart Tag provides the facility to randomly pick selected number of your friends from your friend’s list and tag the specified picture.

Grab A Copy Of Your
Leads Profiter And Let the System Do All for YOU

30 Day
Money Back Guarantee

LeadProfiter works. Period. With a tool like LeadProfiter in your arsenal… it is very hard to fail. I mean, when everything runs 24X7…the offers are shortlisted for you, the high converting swipes pre-written and leads are being generated at will, and all that you are required to do is “Insert A Link”, we have made it very very difficult for you to ‘Not Succeed’.

But even after that, if you do find a way to convince yourself that you don’t have a shot at REAL success with LeadProfiter and you want your money back…we will NOT stop you.

Just drop us a message within 30 days of your purchase and we will issue an instant refund.

Make A Decision...
What’s It Gonna Be??

Are going to continue buying tool after tool that get ONLY half the job done? …

…some may get you some leads (mostly fake addresses)…

…some may help you send offers via emails (mind you – I said “Send”, not actually “Deliver”) using IP Addresses that most servers have already blocked…

…and yet some will ‘teach’ you how to write emails that supposedly ‘convert’.

There’s a reason why no one wants to make a complete tool. They don’t want to take responsibility. They want your money, but not guarantee you success.

Developers create tools that serve ONLY one part of the process…it’s like taking an insurance policy. If it didn’t work – it must have been due to some other part’s failure…not theirs.

LeadProfiter is a COMPLETE system, which will either work for you or it won’t. There’d be no excuses, no blame game…

You’d either succeed, or you will get every single penny back.

It will help you generate quality REAL leads, promote offers to these leads, nurture relationship with your leads and earn FAT commissions over and over again.

You won’t need another tool…ever.

There’s Only ONE Catch Though…

We can’t keep the pricing at this super-low level…and that too as a one-time payment. That needs to change, else we won’t be able to sustain our product.

Keeping that in mind…it has been decided that the price will be changed to a higher point and at a monthly and annual recurring, as soon as this launch ends.

With the 30-day money back guarantee in place – this deal is an absolute ‘No-Brainer’.

Grab A Copy Of Your
Leads Profiter And Let the System Do All for YOU

Leads Profiter Personal

Let’s See Whether
LeadProfiter Fits The Bill...
Given Where You Are, In This Online Business World

You’re just starting out…

I ‘envy’ you. I wish… I were this lucky when I first started out. Had I got my hands on such a complete profit-generating tool, I’d saved so much time, energy and thousands of dollars to get where I am today. That said, I am also extremely happy…the satisfaction of helping someone who is trying to make an honest living avoid the traps and scams in the name of useless trainings and worthless tools, is immense.

Start generating and profiting with every lead over and over again.

You’re looking to scale-up the commissions you’re making…

I know the feeling of hitting a plateau. It’s frustrating because you know that the potential to grow is there, but the way forward seems unclear. You know that what you are into is worth it because you have achieved some success out in it…and now (rightly so) you refuse to believe that this is it!! But again, how to move forward?

LeadProfiter will help you squeeze recurring commissions 24x7 from your existing list. We’ll be shortlisting premium products for you to promote (and of course, even write top converting emails for you). In short, we will hold your hand all the way to the top of the mountain. And the journey is going to be absolutely rocking!!

You’re already in Top 10 on every Leaderboard…

That is so great!! Congratulations. I can imagine how hard you must have work to get there. Spotting the right products to promote, nurturing your list, sending them the offers via carefully worded emails…to be honest, it does sound quite exhausting.

Time to ease that pressure a little without compromising on your Leaderboards standings. Let LeadProfiter take over every aspect and give you some timeout. Spend that time doing things you love to do with your friends and family. Life doesn’t have to be such a struggle anymore.

My idea with LeadProfiter is to help fellow marketers succeed without getting ripped-off (that’s what I went through when I first started out). That is mainly the reason that I have included the part where I’d be writing Emails for you. This way, I would ensure that I am truly partnering with you in your journey to the top.

Thank you for checking out this letter.

Victory Apkomedaye and Yogesh Agarwal

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How is LeadProfiter different than any other software out there?

LeadProfiter is the ONLY tool that gets the job done without requiring additional tools. It has an in-built autoresponder, the emails are pre-written for you, the set-n-forget Automation Workflow system makes it truly unique.

Q I am not sure if this would work for me. Can I get a trial?

LeadProfiter comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. That means you have full 30 days to try it out. If the results (which are going to be quite astonishing by the way…) don’t make you happy, just drop us a message and get your money back.

Q Can I sell this as a service?

Sure, you can. Grab the Leadprofiter Commercial License and pitch this as a service to your clients for whatever price you want and keep 100% of the profits. But remember, you have to act NOW, once this offer closes, you would have to upgrade your account to get Commercial Rights.

Q I still have a question that is not answered anywhere here. What do I do?

A4. Just drop us a message at Support and someone from the team will reach out to you asap.

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