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250 Commercial License at Just $197 - Highly Limited Time Offer - All Marketing Material like Sales Page, Banner and Rest of Ding Dongs Included - Premium Customer Support for All your Customers - No JV Approval Required! You Get Your OWN Backend!

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We are very proud of what we have created here. True…we created LeadProfiter to make money and help marketers and business owners like you to generate a lot of money and finally be able to live the life you’ve always dreamt of…

…one where you’re not slogging all day long to just make ends meet. Life is after all about so much more.

My mantra is simple... I Don’t Live To Work, Rather Work To Live.

Again, it’s true that I feel happy when I make money, but I feel REAL satisfaction when I get messages from my customers telling me how my products have helped changed their lives for the better. No amounts of money can beat that feeling. It’s hard to put in words.

But I’ll be honest here…One can afford the luxury to aspire to feel that way ONLY after one has enough to take care of one’s own needs and that of their families. You need to put dinner on your table first and then think about feeding others.

So, when I started out…I created products to make money and help my customers achieve their goals (because without that…they wouldn’t have bought my products). So, the motive was PURELY Monetary.

But, then in the past few months my thinking changed. I now think beyond making money and helping my customers make money. I want to do more…

I want to help my customers do more…

I want my product to reach as many people as possible and help them transform their business and lives for the better.

Here’s how YOU can help (and
make insane MONEY
for yourself too)…

Everyone doing business online needs LEADS. They just cannot do without it…be it Marketers, Designers, Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers, eCom Store Owners…the list is never ending. By now I am sure you know…selling LeadProfiter is the easiest thing to do…I mean, it sells itself…literally. All you have to do is show it to a prospective customer. That’s it!!

And here’s the best piece of news for you: You can sell LeadProfiter at ANY cost you want…even higher than what you yourself paid for it. [Please note: You CANNOT give away the licenses or have them as a bonus for a product priced under the default price.]

You can sell 250 copies of LeadProfiter and keep ALL the money.

We have used a seasoned 7-figure copywriter to write the Sales Page you saw when you bought LeadProfiter. We invested a lot of money and time in developing LeadProfiter, and we wanted someone REALLY good to tell you about it…

We wanted to make sure that ALL the benefits and features are nicely placed on the page for you to show you the REAL power of this tool.

And we want the same when you offer LeadProfiter to your customers.

So, with the Reseller License you get the LeadProfiter Sales Page at no cost.

I am sure you know that a sales video is NO ordinary video. Just like the sales page…a sales video talks directly to your customers and tells them enough to check out the product in detail.

We hired a professional agency to shoot the video for us …so the quality of the video is top-notch and very sleek.

We didn’t want a sloppy video to ruin the experience for our customers.

Use our video to tell your customers everything about LeadProfiter. And of course, you don't have to pay a penny for it.

I can bet one thing…when you checked-out the LeadProfiter sales page and learnt about the amazing features and saw the Automation Workflow Technology in action…you were quite blown away.

But still you would have wanted to see it in full action to really believe in the power of LeadProfiter…to be convinced that collecting REAL leads and converting them was indeed so easy.

And the walkthrough video was there to serve that very purpose.

The video was prepared by a team of developers, designers and marketers to show you the full power of LeadProfiter... showing you every aspect of this amazing tool.

Use our walkthrough video to show your customers the simplicity and class of LeadProfiter.

Creating And Selling A Product Is NOT The End, Rather The BEGINNING Of Your Relationship With Your Customers…

But Luckily For You Selling LeadProfiter will be the first and final step

Our support desk is comprised of a highly talented and dedicated team of individual who pride themselves in providing the highest standard of customer support in the market today.

They undergo intensive training and learn about the product in-depth so that they can understand and help our customers better.

Only upon successful completion of their training…they handle their first support ticket, that too under supervision of their team lead.

And now this highly motivated team is at your service to provide whatever support YOUR customers may need.

And no…you don’t have to pay their salaries in part or full.

Then we decided
to make this offer…

You get the license to sell LeadProfiter without incurring a penny in its development costs.

You get access to ALL the marketing material like Sales Pages, Sales Videos, and our support etc.

You sell LeadProfiter and you keep all the money.


When you sell LeadProfiter (and keep all the money that you get in return), new customers will be added to the platform.

But you will NOT have to provide customer support to them. LeadProfiter support team would do that. And to service these extra customers, we will need to hire and train more people.

We do not compromise on the quality of the support and other services that we provide.

So…this small amount that is being charged for the Reseller Licenses has been worked out keeping the extra support costs that we would be incurring.

Here’s the total value of
What You’re Getting Today


But you don’t have to pay for any of this.

And now,
here’s what are going to make
by selling LeadProfiter…

250 Copies will make you 250 x $47 = $11,750

But you don’t have to sell at this price.

You can easily sell it at a one-time price of $97. We decided to keep it at the low price of $47 because we wanted more and more people to be able to afford it.

So, let’s re-do the numbers here…

250 copies will now make you 250 x $97 = $24,250

You see the MASSIVE opportunity staring at you here?

I don’t think I need to say more here…the numbers and the offer speak for themselves.

So, without wasting your time…

I invite to just get started.

Leads Profiter Reseller

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